2023 Clinic details We have our clinic presentations set for March 4th, 2023, and we’re happy to announce we have a two prototype history clinics, a regional prototype current events clinic, and two modeling clinics in the lineup. All presented by pros who know what they’re talking about so they’re all very much worth seeing.Continue reading

2023 PMLC Cancelled

We regret that the 2023 event has been cancelled. Weather-related travel difficulties have made it necessary to cancel this year, but we’re looking ahead to 2024 and hoping for the best. After much ado about finding a more suitable date, we’re back to the first Saturday in March, the 4th, for our event. We hadContinue reading “2023 PMLC Cancelled”

Clinic presentation details

First off, we sincerely appreciate the time and efforts our PMLC clinic presenters invest in assembling material to present at our event. It requires time and expertise to put together a first-class clinic and we, and our participants, appreciate that effort. That said, we need to have you bring the prepared and finished presentation toContinue reading “Clinic presentation details”

2023 Contest Changes

This seems like a good time to pass along some news about the 2023 Pacific Model Loggers’ Congress. We are going to be combining some contest classes for the 2023 event, partly for financial reasons, and for now we’re eliminating the Diorama class from the model contest. Our event (along with other model railroad conventionsContinue reading “2023 Contest Changes”

2022 PMLC In The Books

The 2022 edition of the Pacific Model Loggers’ Congress is in the books. We had a small crowd, as expected during this tumultuous “re-opening the country” time of history, but our attendees seemed enthusiastic and the model contest, while small in numbers, had its usual array of terrific quality entries. Our event heart and soul,Continue reading “2022 PMLC In The Books”