2023 Clinic details

We have our clinic presentations set for March 4th, 2023, and we’re happy to announce we have a two prototype history clinics, a regional prototype current events clinic, and two modeling clinics in the lineup. All presented by pros who know what they’re talking about so they’re all very much worth seeing.

As a kickoff speaker we have Martin E. Hansen doing a presentation on “When SP&S Moved Dead Logging Locomotives.” Martin’s presentations are always alive with great photos from his collection and fun information to back up those photos.

Next up is Greg Baker with a modeling clinic on “How to improve ready-to-use trees” from manufacturers such as Woodland Scenics. Today’s RTR trees are looking much better than the ice cream cone or Christmas trees that were commonly available back in the day but Greg takes the new trees a step farther with the addition of readily available scenic texture materials and a little effort on the modelers’ part.

Following Greg is Bethan Maher, the Executive Director of the Western Forest Industries Museum / Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad, who will be speaking and will bring us up to speed on what’s happening there. This is the straight scoop and should put to rest some of the rumors that have been flying around about the place. Come on out, hear for yourself, and have your most pressing questions answered.

“Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad at Fifty: The Past, Present, and Future

Presented by Bethan Maher, Executive Director of Western Forest Industries Museum / Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad.

Bethan will cover the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad from the organization’s founding in 1980 by Tom Murray Jr. to the current effort to restore the railroad and museum to operation. What will the Mt. Rainier Scenic look like at fifty? A presentation on the current effort to restore the railroad to operation and the importance of creating personal connections to our area’s logging and railroading heritage.”

Nick Lehrbach will be speaking about the Coos Bay lumber company and present a video on an aspect of the line’s operation. Coos Bay was a big operation and we don’t see enough about it here at Camp 18 so Nick’s clinic will help fill that information gap.

I’m also pleased to announce a clinic by Will Cochran that’s sure to be popular with the modelers in the group. 

“Modeling Steam Donkeys: a look at kitbashing, weathering, and detailing to match prototypes. Looks at commercially available kits and models, prototype photos, and suggestions on how to make one look like the other. Sleds, houses, and detailing… with a look at a variety of model kits and suggestions on how to utilize them!”

Steam (and electric or diesel) donkeys are an important part of logging modeling so another clinic on how to design and build them for your layout or diorama should be a popular presentation. Watch for it on March 4th.

That’s the lineup as it stands on February 1st, subject to change of course based on presenter availability and so on. We hope to see you there to enjoy these presentations from a stellar lineup of clinicians.

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