Clinic presentation details

First off, we sincerely appreciate the time and efforts our PMLC clinic presenters invest in assembling material to present at our event. It requires time and expertise to put together a first-class clinic and we, and our participants, appreciate that effort.

That said, we need to have you bring the prepared and finished presentation to the event so you’re ready to roll when your time comes up. A Powerpoint is the ideal format, and we also have a 35mm Carousel slide projector available for an old-school presentation. Nothing like seeing original “live” slides for a clinic! A Keynote presentation is also great, but you’ll need to bring along a Mac laptop with the Keynote software because my older Mac laptop does not have that software.

In the past I’ve roughly assembled a Powerpoint on site when given a stack of digital photos. When everyone else is upstairs having lunch I’m in the basement getting the show ready to go, which the presenter (probably fat and happy upstairs eating lunch and socializing instead of doing his or her own homework preparation) should have done in the first place. I am not doing that anymore. If you show up with a handful of pictures and expect us to finish preparing your show, we don’t be doing that, because we don’t have time for that and expecting us to finish your preparation “the day of” is unrealistic. You’ll need to finish your program before the day of the event, or you’ll need to work out how to get the show on the screen without our involvement beyond supplying the projector and show hardware. That’s not asking too much.

This is especially true now that my co-host Lon Wall is no longer with us. The jobs he and I previously shared duties on are now on me, my wife Pam and any other volunteers I can round up. That means there’s less time to handle the ancillary diversions like finishing someone else’s homework.

That said, there is an option if you aren’t onboard with Powerpoint software. I will happily assemble your graphics into a Powerpoint if you can send me the material at least two weeks prior to the event. If it arrives after that time I’ll be returning the material to you unused unless prior arrangements are made. This material can be digital photos and digital graphics. I will not work with your 35mm (or other format) slides because each one needs to be individually scanned, sized, corrected as needed for a presentation and then assembled in the Powerpoint format and that kills a lot of time that falls into the category of preparation you should be doing. Preparing your slides is your job, and once you have the digital images available, I can put them into a Powerpoint for presentation. If you aren’t able to convert the slides to digital, we do have a 35mm projector available for the event.

I hate to sound hardnosed about this but we’ve been jumping through hoops with some clinic presenters and feel it’s time to help streamline the process by having people do their own preparation, which I feel is entirely reasonable. If any questions arise, contact me at

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