2023 PMLC… Changes?

The 2022 event is not even a week old and already we’re working on some changes for 2023. We don’t have a specific range of things we need, or want, to modify but during our debrief chats we’re always looking for ways to improve. It’s always possible to tweak some of the details that go into an event, even just a one-day foofaraw, and any way we can make the event better or more appealing or fun for the attendees is a good move.

Because our model contest is so important to the event it’s naturally one activity area we’re discussing. We have several ideas we think most of our attendees will like and we’ll talk more about those later on this year.

We would be pleased if any of our participants would like to weigh in with any comments or suggestions they care to pass along. Send any thoughts to my email at splco-mwry@comcast.net, if the mood strikes.

Thank you! – Jeff Johnston

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