March 6 update

We’re moving ahead with plans for the event as well as refining some Covid-related aspects our attendees may want to know about.

  • We won’t be doing food service in the room, but coffee, soda, meals and the legendary Camp 18 sweet rolls will be available upstairs in the restaurant.
  • Although the Covid-related mask requirement will have ended by then, we encourage our attendees to observe any sensible safety precautions we’ve been living with for a couple of years now.
  • There will be no water pitchers in the event space, so we’re encouraging people to bring their own water bottles to refill at the faucet in the room.
  • J. Clark McAbee’s presentation on St. Paul and Tacoma will not be taking place, but we will likely have a presentation on Dave Clune’s fantastic 0n3 Cascade County Narrow Gauge layout which includes a modest logging operation as part of the layout. This one you need to see to believe, Dave is both a fine artist and a meticulous technician. The combination is a stunning layout that sets a pretty high bar for the rest of us.

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